Noserider Retro Surf Suit in the Mentawai Islands

Vaimiti Teiefity in the Mentawai Islands, Captured by Valia

A blend of French & Chinese roots, shaped in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Valia packed her bags over 3 years ago and settled on the island of Lombok, where she runs her own little haven - Somewhere Lombok.

Her photography journey may have started quite young, but has evolved since moving to a tropical paradise as the surrounding landscapes, the waves, and the connection between human and nature have been such an inspiration.

Tahitian Longboarder - Vaimiti Teiefitu

Vaimiti Teiefitu is a 26 year-old soul surfer, model and content creator born and raised in the beautiful islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia.Former Miss Tahiti at 18, she has 10 years' experience in modeling and is now a true ocean enthusiastic and advocate.

Thrill-seeker and traveler at heart, her adventurous spirit drives her lifestyle; she is always willing to discover new places and cultures, chase the best waves and share her passionate and positive energy.Inspired by nature and deeply drawn to the outdoors, she's a woman of the waves and of the wind.