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About Noserider Surf Club

Timeless and functional surf pieces with a socially and environmentally responsible business model - Emma launched Noserider Surf Club in Bali of March 2022. What started as a creative outlet, quickly formed into a community and eventually a brand.

designed by surfers for surfers

Emma designed the first few pieces so that she personally had items she felt confident and comfortable surfing in - which meant something that would stay on while she was learning how to surf.

Although Emma didn’t start surfing until she was 26, she dreamed about it for years and years. For as far back as she can remember, surfing was really closely tied to what she imagined her dream life would be. She wanted to live somewhere warm with friends that wanted to surf, hike, and be active. She imagined being able to get to the beach within minutes and grab a good coffee any time of the day, and she wanted to have a career that had her excited to wake up and work. So as any little girl does who feels like she doesn't belong, she hyper fixated on where she thought she would belong - the surf community.

Noserider Surf Club launched the same weekend as her first surf retreat and she couldn’t have asked for a more supportive group of people to launch the first collection with. She had just met the girls, yet they all rallied together to create content, finalize the website, and push Noserider to their own personal network of friends.

It was exactly what Noserider Surf Club is all about - community and a sense of belonging - supporting one another both in and out of the waves.

Noserider Surf Club - Although surfing is an individual sport, a sense of community is at the heart of it all. One of my favorite parts about exploring a new surf town is visiting all the local surf shops - each one with their own style.

Noserider Surf Club is designed to be the digital and physical version - in August 2023, we opened our very own surf shop in Canggu, Bali. As someone who is fortunate enough to work fully remote, I'm constantly on the move exploring new surf breaks and beach towns - but I miss the sense of community that living and surfing in one place provides. So I decided to make my own club, and you're more than welcome to join!

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