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About Noserider Surf Club

Noserider Surf Club was founded by Emma Bukowski in February 2022 in Canggu, Bali. 

Meet EmmaBorn and raised mostly in the suburbs of Wisconsin, I grew up dreaming of surfing. I would make playlists perfectly curated for driving down the 101, filled my Pinterest board with pictures of surf boards and beautiful beaches, and wore a puka shell necklace for much longer than was actually socially acceptable. At the age of 26, I finally started surfing and I am here to tell you that it's never too late to start chasing your dreams.

The Vision - Effortless swimwear, ethically made in Bali by family-owned businesses. From designing the fit and style, picking out the fabric type and color, to testing it out in the water - so much thought, care, and passion is sewn into each piece.

Small batch and constantly changing - each line will have a pre-sale to ensure no suits go to waste! After the pre-sale, a very limited quantity will be made available of each suit and color. Once it's sold out, it's sold out! 

local tailor in Ubud, Bali

Noserider Surf Club - Although surfing is an individual sport, a sense of community is at the heart of it all. One of my favorite parts about exploring a new surf town is visiting all the local surf shops - each one with their own style. Some of my personal favorite shops are BGS Bali (which is technically a coffee shop but definitely doubles as a surf shop and killer hangout); SantoLoco in Wahiawa, Oahu (make sure to grab a coffee from Surfers Coffee next door); and Moku Surf Shop in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Noserider Surf Club is designed to be the digital version. As someone who is fortunate enough to work fully remote, I'm constantly on the move exploring new surf breaks and beach towns - but I miss the sense of community that living and surfing in one place provides. So I decided to make my own club, and you're more than welcome to join!