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Surf Leggings

Surf Leggings

Introducing our exclusive line of surf leggings, thoughtfully designed by real female surfers for women of all skill levels, especially those conquering the foam as beginner wave riders. Our range of women's UV-resistant leggings offers more than just sun protection – it's a seamless blend of style, performance, and sustainability. Crafted from the exceptional VITA fabric by Carvico, these surf leggings combine recycled materials with an ultra-soft stretch, ensuring you not only ride the waves in comfort but also contribute to a healthier planet. The UPF 50 rating shields you from the sun's rays, while the fitted design keeps you looking fabulous as you chase the perfect wave.

Experience the fusion of comfort and functionality with our Noserider surf leggings – your go-to attire for surfing, swimming, yoga, beach strolls, and beyond. Engineered for versatility, these leggings provide UPF 50+ protection without compromising on style. The elastic wide waistband guarantees a secure fit, while the hi-rise design offers tummy control and confidence-inspiring support. Seamlessly transitioning from the water to land, our surf leggings are akin to your favorite yoga pants, tailored for the adventurous spirit in you.

Embrace the perfect balance between bikini freedom and wetsuit coverage with our surf leggings. As a versatile solution for warm waters and sunny days, these leggings offer both sun protection and enhanced comfort. Crafted from lightweight, recycled materials, they caress your skin, ensuring breathability and unrestricted movement. Experience the joy of longer surf sessions, thanks to their warmth-retaining properties and resistance to surf wax-induced irritation. Dive into the waves with confidence, as our surf leggings remain steadfast in fit and feel, wave after wave.

Indulge in the ideal combination of fashion and function with our selection of women's surf leggings. Created by female surfers for all skill levels, these leggings cater specifically to beginners conquering the foam and seasoned wave riders alike. Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, but that doesn't mean compromising on style or performance. Crafted from the exceptional VITA fabric by Carvico, these surf leggings not only provide an ultra-soft, recycled stretch but also boast UV-resistant properties, safeguarding your skin from the sun's rays even in the water. The fitted design ensures maximum focus on riding the waves, complemented by its classic chic color that enhances your elegance on and off the board. Picture your favorite yoga pants, adapted for every adventure from catching waves to finding your zen.