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I booked my trip to Morocco with no expectations - but I can safely say that even if I had high expectations, they would have been blown away.

I met an amazing woman on a surf retreat in Batu Karas, Indonesia last year who suggested that I add Morocco to my list of places to surf. I didn’t think I would be able to fit it in but life happens and my calendar opened up a bit, so 7 months later I sent her a voice note and the next day my flights were booked.

Places to Stay:

    1. Sunshine Surf Camp in Tamraght: I absolutely loved my stay here. The owners are amazing people and spend a lot of time at the camp. It really feels like a family. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be “the summer camp of your dreams for an adult surfer.”

The food is unreal - this is hands down the best I ate all trip and it’s always served family style which means you’re always laughing, chatting about the day, and meeting incredible people. I stayed here as a solo female traveler and felt so safe and taken care of.

    1. Surf Maroc in Taghazout: This place is stunning. It’s right on the water and has a really cute surf shop. This is definitely more of a boutique hotel vibe but plenty of organized group activities. They throw big parties on Thursday night with a full on BBQ and DJ. The other hotels nearby also throw DJ parties so if you are looking to have a lot of fun in and out of the water, this is the place to be.

I also spent a lot of time at the spa in Amouage getting massages and laying out by the infinity pool. This is a much busier area to be in compared to Tamraght.

    1. The O Experience in Imsouane: This place is truly the surf boutique hotel of my dreams. The aesthetics are unmatched, their quiver of longboards is incredible, and the views are breathtaking. The owners are really kind and super knowledgeable.

This is not a surf camp - which is important to note. You can absolutely take surf lessons from the staff there but the overall vibe is more like a hotel. Meals are served individually and you can always have a coffee or smoothie made - which I took full advantage of. All of the staff are so helpful and friendly, I loved my stay here.

Best Places to Work:

  1. World of Waves: The views are amazing because it’s right on the ocean, the WiFi is strong, and the menu has a lot of different options. There are limited outlets and it fills up quickly so make sure to get there early to secure a good spot if you need to get in a full day’s worth of work.
  2. Let’s Be: This is a really cute cafe with amazing healthy food options. The WiFi is pretty good, definitely the best in the area. They have a nice bench area with outlets and big individual tables for working. The staff here are all so friendly and welcoming.

When is the best time to come?

I booked my trip based on what people said was “peak season” but I didn’t take into account that peak season in Morocco is not great for long boarding. The best time to visit Morocco if you want to longboard is September and October, and the second best time would be April and May. The waves are powerful here.

How’s the WiFi?

As someone who works and travels simultaneously full time, my first question is always about the WiFi. If you need to work every day on your computer, stay in Taghazout. I found the best WiFi for calls is at World of Waves.

However, if you don’t want to rely on WiFi I highly suggest having a phone that you can pop in a local SIM card and use as a hotspot. I did a lot of my important work calls with a hotspot from my phone since it was much more reliable and a stronger signal.

The takeaway here is that if there’s a will there’s a way. If you need to work, you definitely can but I wouldn’t say there’s a big digital nomad community here.

How’s the transportation?

I didn’t have a car so I relied on taxis (which are not cheap but not unreasonable) and making sure to book a surf coach or surf guiding. If you’re staying in Imsouane, you can walk to the beach for surf every day. The town is super small and walkable so you’ll only need to worry about airport transfer to and from.

If you’re staying in Tamraght or Taghazout, cafes and restaurants are walkable but surf spots are not.

This is why it’s best to book surf coaching if you’re still learning - this typically includes wet suit and board rentals, a coach, and transportation to the best surf spot’s for your level and the conditions that day.

If you’re more experienced, you can book surf guiding which means you don’t get a coach but you’ll be driven to the best surf spot that day for your level and the conditions.

What type of surf equipment do I need?

If you don’t want to own a board and wet suit, no worries! You can rent both of those things anywhere.

Depending on the time of year, you’ll definitely need some type of wet suit. You might be able to get away without one in September and October but you’d still be better off in a spring suit. I’ve been surfing in a 4/3 wetsuit all of December which has been perfect for me. I’m planning to bring a 3/2 wetsuit for April and May when I come back and a few different styles of spring suits for September and October so I’ll update you all on which I prefer.

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